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Dr. Ari Betof is an expert in organizational sustainability and organizational stewardship who holds an Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. He serves as president and lead consultant at Organizational Sustainability Consulting LLC and Managing Director for Advancement at Minerva Institute. Dr Betof also sits on the Board of Advisors for… Continue Reading

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This is what the Defense Production Act can do when well used. It is a lever our country should not pull lightly but COVID-19 vaccines seem like a common good we should all rally around.
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Rainy Saturday...still running anyway before our last @CornellMBA cohort weekend in February. #HealthyHeartFullBrain AriBetof photo

Following up on my messages from last night, this is servant leadership in action. It is also micro scale mission-driven, community-centered, data-informed decision making. A pretty great way to end a Friday. #servantleadership

There are lots of perspectives about raising the minimum wage, but here is direct evidence of the impact it will have on increasing needed income for front line workers.

@costco's bump to minimum $16/hr beats rivals